• Water insulating material for roofs
  • Resistant to adverse weather conditions
  • Great elasticity
  • Certified Cool Paint for Roofs
  • Color: white

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Product Description

Excellent acrylic water insulating material, with great elasticity, ideal for roofs. It creates a long-lasting adhesion to every masonry surface (concrete, brick, wood, metal, etc.) and prohibits excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions and UV radiation retaining its elasticity at temperatures ranging from -30oC to +100oC.


Certified from the University of Athens, Department of Physics, as a cool material for roofs with the following properties:
Initial Total Solar Reflectance SR=0.84 (300-2500nm) (ASTM 903-96 and ASTM G 159-98)
Infrared Emittance Factor ε = 0.89 (ASTM E 408-71-2002)
Solar Reflectance Index SRI = 106 (ASTM E 1980-01)

Vitacryl white elastomeric insulating paint is certified by the University of Athens, department Physics, for its properties as a cool material and is ideal for roof coating. Particularly it has an Initial Solar Reflectance SR=0,84 (300-2500nm) (ASTM 903-96 and ASTM G 159-98), an Infrared Emittance Factor ε = 0,89 (ASTM E 408-71-2002) and Solar Reflectance Index SRI = 106 (ASTM E 1980-01). Consequently, horizontal surfaces of constructions painted with Vitacryl have an absorbance coefficient to solar radiation 0,16, value that is significantly lower than the typical value 0,35 of light shade coatings for roofs or flat roofs according to TOTEE 2010a (Table 3.15). These values can be used instead of typical values for preparing calculation of the energy performance of buildings according to the requirements and standard specification of the Greek Law 3661/2008 (Φ.Ε.Κ. Α΄89), the Regulation for the Energy Perfomance of Buildings – KENAK (Φ.Ε.Κ. 407/Β/9-4-2010) and the relevant Technical Instruction of the Technical Chamber of Greece (20701-1/2010), by issuing the certificates of the certification body. It can also be used for covering roofs before placing photovoltaic panels, improving thus their function, due to the high reflectivity to solar radiation.

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