Fast acting, multi-purpose liquid glue

Bostik Super Glue Liquid forms an ultra strong bond with most materials in seconds, and comes in a convenient tube with a precision nozzle.

  • Liquid superglue in a tube with precision nozzle
  • Fast setting
  • Ultra strong, long lasting bond
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of materials
  • Available in a 3g tube
  • Color :Clear

1.00 Inc. Vat 19%

Product Description

 High strength
 Bonds in seconds
 For home and office use
Bostik Super Glu Liquid is a single part, fast curing adhesive which bonds in seconds without the need for heat or hardener. It is extremely economical in use and provides very strong bonds of high tensile strength. Bostik Super Glu Liquid is suitable for bonding porcelain, many rubbers, most common metals, some types of
jewellery and most plastics.

Colour: Clear
Form :Thin liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.1 approx.
Composition: Cyanoacrylate
Product Code: 30813340 3g tube 1 x 12 Blister
Solids Content :100%
Storage/Shelf Life: Store for up to 12 months from date of manufacture when stored in the original, unopened packaging under dry conditions within the temperature range of +5°C to +25°C and away from direct sunlight. Protect from frost.
Odour: Pungent

Application Temperature :+10°C to +35°C
Temperature Resistance : -20°C to +80°C. Will withstand temperatures up to +100°C for short periods.
Water Resistance: Good. After a few weeks the shear strength decreases gradually.
Petrol Resistance: Good

1. Work on a protected surface as any spillages are very difficult to remove, particularly from sensitive surfaces like fabrics and skin.
2. Make sure all surfaces to be bonded are close fitting, clean and dry.
3. Ensure that the tube is held upright and pointing away from you.
4. Unscrew the nozzle and cap and remove the safety collar. Replace the nozzle and cap and screw down to puncture the seal. Remove the cap and leave the nozzle in place.
5. Very carefully apply a small amount of Bostik Super Glu Liquid to one surface only (typically apply one drop of adhesive for each 6cm2 of substrate to be bonded).
6. Bring the surfaces together and hold firmly for approximately 30 seconds. (Full strength is achieved in approximately 12 hours).

7. Replace the cap firmly after use, taking care not to leave Bostik Super Glu Liquid between the cap and the nozzle. Store upright. The tube is purposely only part
full as the air above the adhesive stabilizes it. This air space in the tube reduces the chance of accidental spillages.

8. Bostik Super Glu Liquid has good resistance to most oils and solvents and can be very difficult to remove.

9. Bostik Super Glu Liquid bonds to skin very quickly and easily. Should this happen, please do not panic. Do not attempt to pull apart as this may damage the skin. If
left the bond will loosen within 60 minutes without doing anything. Hot soapy water and gentle peeling will part the bond, this can take 10 minutes.
10. Acetone will very slowly soften set super glue. Before attempting to use, check that it is safe to use a highly flammable solvent and that the surfaces to which the
super glue is adhered are not damaged by the solvent. Do not use acetone or solvents on the skin.
11. Always test before using any solvent.

Do not use Bostik Super Glu Liquid on polyethylene, polypropylene. Unsuitable for use on absorbent surfaces such as fabric, card and paper. Do not use acetone or
solvents on the skin. Do not use for repairing containers that hold hot liquid food or drinks. Unsuitable for bonding windscreen rear-view mirrors. Unsuitable for bonding large areas.

Recommendations and suggestions are for guidance only, since conditions of use are completely beyond our control.

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