Plastic Clear Poly Film 1X3M

Plastic Clear Poly Film

  • Color : 90% Light transmission
  • Size: 1(length)x3 (width)m, 1(length)x4m (width)
  • The price is per meter
  • We can cut you as many meters you need
  • The complete role is 45 meters the 1x4m and 55 meters the 1x3m
  • Also, in our shop you can find this item in retail price and wholesale price for a complete role. Ask for them !!!
  • Rated for 4 year use, 6 Mil Thick plastic
  • Superior clarity, strength and toughness,
  • Weather-resistant and tear-proof
  • Provides higher light transmission for plant photosynthesis
  • UV resistant for prolonged sun exposure and creates an optimum greenhouse environment
  • Protect plants and crops from the bad weather & enjoy longer growing seasons 

2.00 Inc. Vat 19%

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