Global Exterior Acrylan

Vitex Global Exterior Acrylan is the result of this international quest, with a collection of 160 rich and indulgent shades, selected from the 1,320 shades of the Vitex Global Collection, which offer exceptional depth of color and outstanding durability, specially formulated for outdoor use and enhanced with the HD – High Durability technology.

Product Description

The new Vitex Global Exterior Acrylan fandeck is specially designed for exterior use.

Inspiration with a nod to the past and an eye to the future, our exquisite Vitex Global Exterior Acrylan fandeck has been inspired by shades for outdoor use that have been used internationally, as well as from modern trends recorded & predicted by our specialized Color Guild Colorists, around the world, in advance of their entry in the markets.


HD Technology – High Durability, for maximum durability in outdoor use
All 160 shades have been designed and enhanced with special high-performance pigments and oxides in the Vitex Acrylan range, with HD-High Durability technology to remain unchanged over the years, offering:  Enhanced resistance to solar radiation / Enhanced resistance to extreme conditions / Unique precision and accurate reproduction, through the Vitex Coloring System, the only system with 24 pigments and specially designed bases.

LRV (Light Reflection Value) is the degree of reflectivity in solar radiation, for every shade and is indicated on the corresponding back side.

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