• Suitable for heated towel rails, immersion heaters, panel heaters and oil filled heaters
  •  Electrisaver is a fixed, push button electronic timer for short term power boosting
  •  Provides energy saving failsafe.
  •  Big energy saving device
  •  Compact and easy to install
  •  Simple push button operation to set timer
  •  E246 with its 2hr, 4hr and 6hr durations!
  •  Ideal controller for any high kW electrical equipment
  •  Can be mounted directly to any standard 35mm deep flush mounting single gang wiring
  •  Suitable for mounting directly on to any surface mounted single gang depth of 28mm
  •  NOT suitable for mounting on an unearthed metal surface

54.00 Inc. Vat 19%

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Product Description

The Electrisaver push button boost timer can be used to control immersion elements and other electrical appliances up to 3kW or as an override / extension timer for central heating systems. Provides energy saving fail-safe, Ideal for use in hotels, offices, student accommodation or in the home where electric heating appliances may be left on or forgotten! Equipment such as immersion heaters and panel heaters are often needed for relatively short periods but overlooked and left active. The Horstmann ‘Electrisaver’ time switch is an easy-to-use, energy and cost saving device. Electrisaver is a fixed, push button electronic timer for short term power boosting 2 – 4 and 6 hours settings. It has a 3kW load switching capability which makes it ideal for electrical equipment such as heaters that is likely to be left powered when not required. Compact and easy to install, Electrisaver can be flush or surface mounted with a single gang moulded box.

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